Our Work Process

  • Step 1Your Idea

    We values your views and approach. If you would like to share your thoughts about how to proceed forward, we are there to support you.
  • Step 2Requirement Gathering

    We gather requirement from client. We just mark the notes that what our client want from their website.
  • Step 3Requirement Analysis

    We analysis the data that are gather from the client. It is the second step of after requirement gathering.
  • Step 4Work Planing

    Planing is the third step in this we plan that how the datad base would be look like, how many modules are necessary.
  • Step 5Core Design

    After gathering the requirement and analysis the database we design the site that how it would be look after completion.
  • Step 6Core Coding

    Coding is started after designing that which code is required. coding make the site look different.
  • Step 7Portal Testing

    After completion of coding, testing is done so that if any changes is needed we are going to make it.
  • Step 8Client Review

    After completing testing we show site to client if any changes client want to make we provide it.
  • Step 9Published Portal

    After the client review if all is proper the project is setup on server and make it live for customers and users.
  • Step 10Maintenance & Support

    After completing all the above steps we make project live and maintenance are there for their for site to maintain it in proper way.
  • Step 11Marketing & Promotion

    In the event of handling the promotional activities, Krify forayed into Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO, to give its best services to its trusted clients.